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It's easy to be cheap; it's difficult to be the best.

This is the driving force behind what we do here at Werner's.  The main goal of owners' David and Judy Miller has been to reintroduce the customer to the old world style of making sausages.  That means the sweetest cuts of meat, the freshest spices, hand-twisted sausages inspected throughout the process by highly skilled sausage makers...NOT MACHINES!

We carry on over a hundred years of tradition.

Originally a Swedish store, Swanson's was founded in 1898 down on Westport Boulevard.  In 1972 Swanson's was purchased: names, recipes and all, by German born Werner Wohlert.  Major changes were on the way. First on the list was moving the business from Westport to the heart of Mission, KS, where it could be close to other German businesses.  Second, Werner incorporated his heritage, including his name and techniques that he acquired during his apprenticeship in Germany.  Werner retired in 1995.


New owners David and Judy Miller jumped in feet first.  David has been in the meat industry since 1963.  A fully trained butcher, he is very passionate about what he does.  Continuing traditions of those before him, David not only makes sausages from the original recipes handed down through the years, but he is improving and expanding the product he makes.

All the finest cuts!

Your local butcher shops are becoming rare.  At Werner's we strive to provide nothing but the best for our customers.  

Whether you need a recipe or just some lunch, we'll

be happy to help you!

Our services:

   •  Hand-made sausages

   •  Fine cheeses

   •  Fresh breads

   •  Specialty sandwiches

   •  Tasty side dishes

   •  We also do catering!

We don't use any  preservatives or fillers and there's no MSG....just great meat.

Call or stop by, or you can fax us your order

Werner's Fine Sausages

5736 Johnson Drive

Mission, KS 66202


Phone - 913-362-5955

Fax - 913-362-0085

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