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At Werner's our sausages are the best, simply put.

We don't put anything in them except the freshest spices and all the attention they deserve in making them by hand.  You know how a hot dog just mushes in your mouth, where as a sausage snaps? That's from the casing and at Werner's our casings are all natural and we check every single one of them

as we twist them by hand...not machine!


Sausages are available wholesale and with sausage catering.  Contact us for current pricing and ordering.

A coarse grind smoked sausage with red pepper flakes, black peppercorns and other spices to give it heat.  The various peppers will hit your tongue at different times to give you the "burn" you desire.  Great in gumbo and jambalaya for an authentic Cajun flavor.


A coarse grind pork sausage sometimes referred to as a "Wisconsin-Style" brat or a "Sheboygan" brat. Excellent simmered in beer and onions, and then grilled.  Ideal for BBQ competitions too!

Beer Suggestion...A porter or a stout.

A coarse grind sausage that is a mix of Andouille and Chorizo. Think depth of flavor with several types of heat. These sausages are also smoked, so you just heat them and eat them!

Turkey Italian:

A coarse grind fresh pork sausage made with just enough heat to make you sweat, minus the fennel seed.


All the spice of the original Italian, we just replaced the pork with turkey for a lower fat alternative.

Smoked Italian with Mozzarella:

All the charm of the original, plus a little extra!  We have added Mozzarella cheese and then smoked it to perfection.  Not only great on the grill, but this sausage is perfect for spaghetti sauces and lasagnas!

Cheddar Bier Brat:

Five times the spice of the original Italian, this sausage really gives you a burst of flavor!

Get your favorite sausage!

Wine Suggestion...a full-bodied red wine like Merlot.

Beer Suggestions...A nice dark ale.

Smoked Polish:

Firecracker Italian:

Bier Brat:

A coarse grind bratwurst made with beer buds and cheddar cheese mixed in, then smoked! Also available: Jalapeno Cheddar Bier Brat

A savory smoked sausage, rich in flavor.  Ideal for grilling.

German Style Bratwurst:

A classic German sausage with a hot dog like texture; very mild in flavor but great when topped with German mustard and sauerkraut.

Swedish Potato Sausage:

The original recipe, passed down from generation to generation, this sausage is one third pork, one third beef and one third potato. A unique flavor experience that will not disappoint!

Beer Suggestion...A Pilsner or an American style ale.




Similar to a Polish sausage, minus the smoke.  Ideal for BBQ competitions and those who like adding their own flair!

An all veal sausage made with chives-very rich.  Typically a traditional Easter sausage, but available all year round here!

An old fashioned garlic sausage made with beef and pork and then smoked for extra flavor.

Beer Suggestions...A nice Pilsner like Bitburger or Warsteiner.

Desros (Lithuanian Sausage):

Breakfast sausage:

Beer Suggestion: Try a stout like Guinness!

English Bangers:

This coarse grind pork sausage goes easy on the sage and big on the flavor.  It has just enough heat to wake you up in the morning and make your breakfast great! Available in bulk or in links.

This coarse grind pork sausage has lots of onions! It is great grilled, mixed into casserole, or fried in a skillet for breakfast.

A traditional Mexican sausage made with a chili powder spice.  Perfect on the grill or scrambled with eggs for breakfast!

A very mild English sausage made with pork and bread crumbs.  Mild on flavor but big on fun; these sausages "pop" open when grilled or steamed!


Beer Suggestion: Try an icy Pale Ale.

Werner's Fine Sausages

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