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You'll find a variety of complementary products

As a wholesale butcher, Werner's can provide you with all your meat, mustard and kraut needs. We inspect our meats at every cut and bring to you only the finest selections. Our products are 100% meat and spices only - there is nothing added.

As the meat market prices vary, so does the cut you choose.

Contact Werner's Fine Sausages today for the current market prices for your selected cuts and we will be happy to fulfill all your needs.  Click here for a meat and cheese pdf order form.

Werner's has more than just meats and cheese and fabulous sausages.

We carry many specialty items as well.  Are you looking to cure a sweet tooth or do need the perfect mustard to go with that Andouille sausage?  There are a variety of imported brands that we specialize in, or if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask.  We might be able to get it.

Quality Handmade Sausage Since 1973

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Werner's Fine Sausages

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